" I spent most of my money on beer and women. The rest I just wasted " Steve Ford

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Voted Best Bar-Bar By The Fort Worth Weekly

Critic's choice: Malone's Pub, 1303 Calhoun St, FW

Tucked away on the outskirts of downtown, Malone's is like a beacon for grown-ups who don't want to share bar space with fratboys or popped-collared hipsters. There's nothing flashy about the place: The jukebox isn't digital, and there are just a couple of pool tables and a big-screen television. But the bartenders know your name and remember your drink, and the prices are more than reasonable.


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Malone's Pub Favorite Out Of Town Bars

Voted Best Pub By The Fort Worth Weekly

Critic's Choice - Malone's Pub 1303 Calhoun St.
The mixed crowds that regularly visit Malone’s have one thing in common: drinking in peace. Staffers ensure that drama and pretentiousness get checked at the door, leaving patrons free to enjoy the daily drink specials, pool tables, and often intelligent and informed conversation. Service also is full of personality and efficient.

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A Few Famous Left Handers
Albert Einstein - Bob Dylan - Tiberius - George VI - Chuck Becknell - Queen Victoria - Nietzche - Velton Hayworth -M. C. Escher - Phil Colllins - Ed Noyes - Bill Clinton - Paul McCartney - H. G. Wells - Bill Gates - Lewis Carroll - Elizabeth II - Pele - Cole Porter - Morgan Freeman - Barack Obama - Mike Osborne


History Is Made!!!!! Cam Pays Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minaz And The King


Voted Best Jukebox By The Fort Worth Weekly

Critic’s choice: Malone’s Pub, 1303 Calhoun St, FW

For those old souls who still judge a place by what’s on the jukebox, and hate those touch-screen internet jobs that allow anyone to come in and spoil the vibe, Malone’s Pub downtown is like a beacon in the fog. They’ve got it all: classic funk, hard rock, prog rock, old school hip-hop, and plenty of local stuff. More importantly, they have an old-style box, brimming with taste and a song for every mood.


Bob Hoover Informs guest that his Mr. Wiggles smells like bacon.

Bat Man throws down 24 Krystal Boogers!

Burn C. J. Burn!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Smells Of Fish !

Malone's Pub
Location-Downtown Fort Worth-1303 Calhoun St. Fort Worth Texas
Pool-Darts- Juke Box-2 Big Screens-Free WIFI
Open 3 pm to 2 am Monday-Friday/ 6 pm to 2 am Saturday and Sunday

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Turd Ferguson
 4 oz of red bull- pour in a high ball glass
Mix in one shot of jager
Then Knock it down


" Work is the curse of the drinking class " Oscar Wilde



St. Patrick's Day